A world-class automatic gate opening system is introduced by the leading automatic gate opener suppliers GATECH. The automatic gates openers designed and manufactured by GATECH are made with innovative gate technology. An automatic gate door opener can be an ideal upgrade in the safety and security of your home. Residential automatic gate openers are trending in the modern world because the gate automatic opening system simplifies the entry and exit of vehicles. Even commercial spaces are investing in a heavy-duty automatic gate opener to facilitate the movement of people and vehicles through the authorized premises. Quality is never compromised with GATECH, the leading gate opener manufacturers in China.

Be one of the leading-edge Automatic suppliers in the world, GATECH provides our customers with a high-quality range of Industrial , Residential and Safety products, and strives to develop innovative and practical solutions with state-of-the-art technology and a global supply service network.


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Sliding gate opener

Sliding gate opener

GATECH sliding gate operators is designed for residential/commercial applications. Light weight and heavy duty operators are optional for you. It is a robust and cost-effective solution to the automation of domestic sliding gates.

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